A place to put extra things, obviously.
Meta Knight's emotions chart:
Alternate Pages:
Some pages I've made had to be replaced for some reason or another, and I saved all the old ones, so here are alternate pages.
Alternate to: Page 31: Playing With Fire.
I guess my original thought with this page were to keep everyone in suspense. I'm glad I scrapped it, because talking is very out-of-character for Agent L.
Alternate to: Page 51: Return!
Obviously, I was going to be lazy and have a time-gap, but I'm extremely glad I didn't do that, as the final page was much, much nicer.
Alternate to: Page 52: Cure.
"The Elite" in this case, being the Goomba from the chapter Goomba.
I scrapped this page mainly because it was just a bad transistion.
Alternate to: Page 53: Leaving...
This one and the previous one were both scrapped at the same time, actually, because I made them both before realizing they sucked.
Alternate to: Page 59: Past Shenanagins.
This is still a story I'm probably going to do eventually, but this was scrapped because, first, Waddle Dee's personality was too calm, and secondly, I really needed to continue the story.
Alternate to: Page 60: It Just Happened Again.
This was just going into too much backstory for my taste, and plus, I needed to continue the main story.
Alternate to: Page 70: The Story is Over.
This was supposed to continue Mario's story, but it just... I couldn't stand it. I mean, Mario didn't even react to Luigi's obvious weirdness over there?
That's all!